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On October 20th, of 2001 I started a trip to Utah and Colorado for some bike riding and a class reunion. I decided to bring the camera and take some pictures.

October 20th - Emigrant Trail, Truckee, California

I didn't bring the camera so there are no pictures of this ride. The first day was at the Emigrant Trail just outside of Truckee CA. It's an easy ride and very fast. It was a rather fun ride. I was able to get some small air in a few places. I did notice the altitude but since the trail was mild and only 18 miles round trip it wasn't an issue. I would recommend this as a first altitude ride for starting a trip.

October 22nd - Indian Springs, Twin Falls, Idaho

Things didn't go as planned. The original plan was to stay at Wells Nevada and ride Tabor Creek. I rolled through Wells and decided to keep going and see if I could find Tabor Creek. I never did but kept going and spent the night in Jackpot Nevada. A much better choice than Wells. The next moring I headed to Twin Falls and checked in a local bike shop, Blue Lakes Cyclery. They were great and recommended a few trails. I picked Indian Springs. Check it out. It was a nice ride.

October 24th - Jardine Juniper, Logan, Utah

I waited till noon and it was still cold. 40° in the parking lot. Good temperature for climbing but a little rough coming down and for getting ready to go. This ride would be easy at sea level but with no air to fill your lungs I should have put a lower gear on the bike. I used a 34/18 gear. It wasn't low enough. I still had to stop and catch my breath several times. Jardine Juniper in Logan Utah is a scenic ride.

October 26th - Herd Hollow, Logan, Utah

There were three of us on this ride. Brian Harris, Lynne, and myself. We got a somewhat late start at about 2 in the afternoon. I had set the bike up with a 32/18 to handle the expected climb but instead of riding the steeper Ricks Canyon trail we decided to ride Herd Hollow which is a much easier ride. I should have switched to 2:1. So here is Herd Hollow near Logan Utah.

October 27th - Logan, Utah

I've been looking for a road bike to ride in the winter. I found one in Logan. It's YELLOW! This was it's maiden voyage.

October 28th - Arches, Moab, Utah

After arriving too late in the day to ride we drove around the arches so I didn't ride the road around the arches but the views were so great I had to put them up on the site. So here are the "not a ride" pictures.

October 29th - Slick Rock, Moab, Utah

Pressed for time since we couldn't ride Slick Rock the day before we decided to ride both Slick Rock and Porcupine Rim in one day. Slick rock is all it's made out to be. A very different style of riding. Lots of traction and steep but short climbs. With out a doubt, a fun ride.

October 29th - Porcupine Rim, Moab, Utah

The second ride of the day starts with some climbing and then lots of miles of bone jarring downhill challenges. Porcupine Rim was a good was to fill the second half of a full day of riding.

October 30th - Fruita, Colorado

The trails were amazingly well maintained. It makes California trails look pretty sad. Fruita is high on the list of areas that deserve more riding tim ein the future.

Passed through the mecca of single speed riding but only took a picture of the sign.

November 1st - Palmer Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

For an area in the middle of the suburbs Palmer Park isn't too bad a ride. It has some good technical sections but is small and is not the place to go for a work out.

November 2nd - Falcon Trail, Colorado Springs (USAFA), Colorado

The Falcon trail is rated at a level 4 out of 5 technically and it deserves that rating. The trail is on the Air Force Academy grounds. The Academy was closed to the public but since I am a grad here for the reunion Lynne and I were able to ride it. It is quite a trail.

November 4nd - North Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Captain Jacks trail system in north Cheyenne canyon sucked! Ok, the views were great and there where a few nice parts of the trail but it's a multi-use trail system and the motorcycles have turned most of the trails into gravel.