class Ox::Instruct

An Instruct represents a processing instruction of an XML document. It has a target, attributes, and a value or content. The content will be all characters with the exception of the target. If the content follows a regular attribute format then the attributes will be set to the parsed values. If it does not follow the attribute formate then the attributes will be empty.



The content of the processing instruction.

Public Class Methods

new(name) click to toggle source

Creates a new Instruct with the specified name.

Calls superclass method
# File lib/ox/instruct.rb, line 16
def initialize(name)
  @attributes = nil
  @content = nil

Public Instance Methods

Alias for: eql?
eql?(other) click to toggle source

Returns true if this Object and other are of the same type and have the equivalent value and the equivalent elements otherwise false is returned.

  • other [Object] Object compare self to.

return [Boolean] true if both Objects are equivalent, otherwise false.

Calls superclass method
# File lib/ox/instruct.rb, line 27
def eql?(other)
  return false unless super(other)
  return false unless self.attributes == other.attributes
  return false unless self.content == other.content
Also aliased as: ==