module Ox::HasAttrs

An Object that includes the HasAttrs module can have attributes which are a Hash of String values and either String or Symbol keys.

To access the attributes there are several options. One is to walk the attributes. The easiest for simple regularly formatted XML is to reference the attributes simply by name.

Public Instance Methods

[](attr) click to toggle source

Returns the value of an attribute.

  • attr [Symbol|String] attribute name or key to return the value for

# File lib/ox/hasattrs.rb, line 19
def [](attr)
  return nil unless instance_variable_defined?(:@attributes) and @attributes.is_a?(Hash)
  @attributes[attr] or (attr.is_a?(String) ? @attributes[attr.to_sym] : @attributes[attr.to_s])
[]=(attr, value) click to toggle source

Adds or set an attribute of the Instruct.

  • attr [Symbol|String] attribute name or key

  • value [Object] value for the attribute

# File lib/ox/hasattrs.rb, line 27
def []=(attr, value)
  raise "argument to [] must be a Symbol or a String." unless attr.is_a?(Symbol) or attr.is_a?(String)
  @attributes = { } if !instance_variable_defined?(:@attributes) or @attributes.nil?
  a_str = attr.to_s
  a_sym = attr.to_sym
  if @attributes.has_key?(a_str)
    attr = a_str
  elsif @attributes.has_key?(a_sym)
    attr = a_sym
  @attributes[attr] = value.to_s
attributes() click to toggle source

Returns all the attributes of the Instruct as a Hash. return [Hash] all attributes and attribute values.

# File lib/ox/hasattrs.rb, line 12
def attributes
  @attributes = { } if !instance_variable_defined?(:@attributes) or @attributes.nil?
method_missing(id, *args, &block) click to toggle source

Handles the 'easy' API that allows navigating a simple XML by referencing attributes by name.

  • id [Symbol] element or attribute name

return [String|nil] the attribute value raise [NoMethodError] if no match is found

# File lib/ox/hasattrs.rb, line 45
def method_missing(id, *args, &block)
  ids = id.to_s
  if instance_variable_defined?(:@attributes)
    return @attributes[id] if @attributes.has_key?(id)
    return @attributes[ids] if @attributes.has_key?(ids)
  raise"#{ids} not found", name)