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I've been involved with electric vehicles since late 1980s. It's been fun but challenging at times.

Electric Pickup Truck

The first electric vehicle I owned was an electric pickup truck. It was a 120 volt system that could barely make it up a slight hill to work. The range was short and the truck was heavy and under powered. It was a start, a learning experience.

Toyota Paseo conversion

My second electric car was a Toyota Paseo. The car was converted as a new car to electric and then sat for several years. I bought it and had Gary Flo upgrade it to something more acceptable in 1996. I drove that for two years and made lots of modifications on it before selling it after getting an EV1.


My third, fourth, and fifth EV were EV1s.I started out with one of the first ones that were delivered to the bay area. We liked it so much we got another one for my daughter to drive. Then the bad news came, the recall. We gave up both EV1s but two months later we got a new model with NiMH batteries.


This is the latest project. A Porsche 550 Spyder replica being made as an electric.There is a 300 HP motor in this car. Follow the link for the status of the project.

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